New showcase exhibition

Our latest Showcase is from sculptor & graphic designer Tim Beale. Stemming from a keen interest in folklore, fairy stories and mythology, Tim created these scenes from a variety of story sources from Grimm to Russian folk tales. See more of Tim’s work, including the Steampunk Extravaganza designs on his website here.

Tim Beale piece

Tim Beale piece


The first two months

What a start it’s been! Such a great summer, in fact if anything its been slightly too hot on some days, the fridge was working overtime & we brought in extra fans. Our first Cafe tenant, Jo Harrington, has bee a star, coping with the newness of it all, helping to decide on layout, equipment & most heroically of all, painting the stripes!!! The gallery exhibitions are top-notch and praise has indeed been heaped. Now we move into the second phase of being open, with a changeover of food tenant & new exhibitions in the three showcases. Come & see what we’ve come up with from 12th September but visit on Saturday for a special event & try some delicious food from the Fairtrade Frome team.